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Moving North Carolina started out as a Public Television documentary.

Most of us take our roads and bridges, airports and railroads for granted. We have no trouble getting from one place to another. This excellent documentary reminds us that this has not always been the case in North Carolina with our treacherous coastlines, shallow rivers, nearly impenetrable mountains, and roads that were more mud and rut than anything else. This “moving” documentary tells the compelling stories of how our state pulled itself out of the mud and into the 21st century. 

Susan Klutz, Secretary of the NC Department of Cultural Resources

In the video documentary version of Moving North Carolina, show host Bland Simpson – one of our state’s best-loved storytellers – leads the viewer on a lively tour through 300 years of North Carolina history. Aided by animated maps, historic movies, modern video footage and hundreds of archival photos, Bland spins the tale of how increasing mobility transformed our state from a spattering of isolated, self-sufficient farms and small towns into this one special place we call North Carolina. Jack Herrickof the quirky Red Clay Ramblers – created an original music score that anchors each scene in its historic context, and yet propels the story ever forward.

Michael Sheehan, who wrote and produced Moving North Carolina, has been creating videos for and about North Carolina for more than 35 years.

Bland Simpson, host of the public television documentary Moving North Carolina
Bland Simpson

Moving North Carolina is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

DVD Case for the public television documentary Moving North Carolina

This one-hour show makes a great gift for anyone who loves North Carolina, or for anyone you want to help understand our state. (And don’t forget to pick one up for yourself.) List prices are $25.95 for DVD’s and $29.95 for Blu-ray discs. BUT as a thank-you for visiting this site, we are pleased to offer a 20% discount off the total price of all items you select. All orders are processed by CCNow, our secure online retailer.

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