Most of us take our roads and bridges, airports and railroads for granted. We have no trouble getting from one place to another. This excellent documentary reminds us that this has not always been the case in North Carolina with our treacherous coastlines, shallow rivers, nearly impenetrable mountains, and roads that were more mud and rut than anything else. This “moving” documentary tells the compelling stories of how our state pulled itself out of the mud and into the 21st century.

Susan Kluttz, Secretary of the NC Department of Cultural Resources



Viewer reactions following the public television premier:

Very interesting and melodic in all ways.


A plank road!  I had no idea.  What brilliant insight to trace the history of the state via transportation.  Congratulations to you and everyone involved in the production.

I've been missing the Roosevelts this week, and your visit was exactly the right tonic.  Thank you!  (And as was true with Roosevelts, we couldn't miss a single word.)


“Moving North Carolina” sweeps us through centuries of history, along the Indian trails and through eras of the canal, steamboats, turnpikes, railroads, trolleys and airports...“Moving North Carolina” isn’t a celebration of mobility as much as it documents the sometimes-tortured path to the future... It shows us how we owe a debt to those who recognized that transportation meant progress, and sometimes ran afoul of conventional thinking.

Charlotte Observer, September 25, 2014

This was splendid. Music, narration, photos, all worked together so well.


What a fantastic history lesson - you covered a lot of territory in one extremely substantive hour.